2SC Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SC Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. isc Website: isc Silicon NPN Power Transistors. 2SC DESCRIPTION. ·Low Collector Saturation Voltage.: VCE(sat)= V(Max)@ IC= 6A. 2SC Datasheet PDF Download – Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type / High Current Switching Applications, 2SC data sheet.

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Never release the power switch until you’re 4 or 5 feet away from the screen or you’ll have to start over.

However,the large main filter capacitors and other capacitors in the power suppliesshould be checked and discharged if any significant voltage is found afterpowering off or before any testing – some capacitors like the high voltageof the CRT in a TV or video monitor will retain a dangerous or at leastpainful charge for days or longer!

Whenever you get a reading or waveform that is grossly wrong, confirm thatyou are using the proper ground point! Most of the information on TV and monitor CRT construction, operation,interference and other problems. I would recommend a good used Tektronix or HP scope over a new scope of almost any other brand. I think I have an older Sylvania that does that sort of thing – don’treally know as I never use the power button on the set!

2SC Datasheet(PDF) – Toshiba Semiconductor

Let the set warm up for at least half an hour. Either an internal structure in the neck of the CRT or anexternal ‘permalloy’ sleeve is permanently magnetized at the factory andthere is not way of tweaking it in the field.

Static convergence sets the beams to be coincident in the exact center ofthe screen. Position – a pair of rings with tabs on the neck of the CRT. So it is possible that all that is wrong isthat the line fuse has blown. Discharge to the metal frame which is connected to the outside of the CRT.

2SC3346 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

While you dstasheet at it, check for bad connections – prod the circuit board with aninsulated stick when the problem reoccurs – as these can cause parts tofail. The kids willlove the color effects. Heat and magnetic fields will rapidly turn your priceless video collection into so much trash.


There are also various and sometimes convoluted combinations of any or all of datqsheet above. Alternatively, you can use the following procedure: Not only will you be more careless, but your primary diagnostic tool – deductive reasoning – will not be operating at full capacity. However, there are alternatives datashee are almost as good: In thefactory, a special corner is devoted to the assembly.

Regulation is achieved by controlling when the SCR is allowed to turn on. Thisis particularly true if you have repairs on multiple pieces of equipmentunder way simultaneously.

First, it is present in avery limited area of the TV or monitor – from the output of the flybackto the CRT anode via the fat red wire and suction cup connector.

These are vatasheet always located on a little circuit board plugged directly onto the neck of the CRT.

Analog by pspice – [PDF Document]

It is connected to the flyback transformer by the fat usually red wire at the suction cup well, it looks like one anyhow attached to the CRT. You will need to see the picture tube specifications or possiblythe Sams’ Photofact or service manual for the set sam in order tofind the correct setting for the cutoff voltage. Should you still not be able to find a solution, you will have learned a greatdeal and be able to ask appropriate questions and supply relevant informationif you decide to post to sci.

A couple of possibilities: There maybe several such returns such as: This relatively rare except for startup circuits. A bad filter capacitor on the output of a series regulator may result in excessive datasheey and subsequent shutdown. Thiscurrent is normally limited and the voltage spike on the collector of theHOT is also limited by the snubber capacitors to a safe value.

The startup circuit may operate off of the standby power supply orvoltage derived dwtasheet non-isolated input. A totallyred scene will appear pure red and so forth.


Commercial CRT Degaussers are available from parts distributorslike MCM Electronics and consist of a hundred or so turns of magnet wirein a inch coil. Fuse replaced but TV clicks with power-on but no other action: Of course, the best thing would be to get the schematic. Additional information on discharging CRTs: I built mine from a couple of similar old tube type TV power transformers mounted on a board with an outlet box including a fuse.

I’ve never gotten a good troubleshooting technique down for the regulatorsince it’s an active circuit the waveforms dataaheet voltages are not stable when it’s failed. Adtasheet for picture tubeproblems, most TV faults can be corrected without expensive parts, however.

The purpose of this set of guidelines is not to frighten you but rather tomake you aware of the appropriate precautions. I thought a TV signal was a TV signal. Bad purity results in mottled or incorrect colors. Check for bad fuses.

My only reservation with respectto tech-tips databases in general – this has nothing to do with any one inparticular – is that symptoms can sometimes be deceiving and a solution thatworks in one instance may not apply to your specific problem.

There are several possible causes for a tilted picture: Some VCRs are particularly sensitive to interference from the TV’s circuitry and while this won’t usually damage anything, it may make for less than optimal performance due to RF interference. Having said that, a basic knowledge of how a TV set works and what cango wrong can be of great value even if you do not attempt the repair yourself.

If the problem is at the plug end, cut off the old plug a couple of inches beyond the problem area and replace just he plug. If once, then the controller is shutting the TV down either as a result of a thermally induced fault in the controller or it sensing some other problem.

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