The Big Takeover is an article by Matt Taibbi that appeared in Rolling Stone magazine. It is subtitled “The global economic crisis isn’t about. Taibbi is one of my favorite writers. His recent article on the financial collapse is a must read. His language is a bit salty, but I think the angst and. 15 Great Articles by Matt Taibbi – The Electric Typewriter – Great articles and The Big Takeover Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes? by Matt Taibbi.

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15 Great Articles by Matt Taibbi – The Electric Typewriter

Maybe you come for our daily headlines, or for in-depth stories that expose government and corporate abuses of power. A March haibbi Disaster: Mar 26, at 9: In the Commodity Futures Modernization Act in the yearthey specifically exempted credit default swaps from being treated as gaming under any state laws. We need to extend those protections and authorities to cover the risks posed by our more diverse and complicated financial system today, and we are proposing legislation to provide those tools and look forward to working with this committee and the Congress to pass such legislation as quickly as possible.

The only people who vig these Bug and these blg instruments was the people who were actually writing these contracts. This is Treasury Secretary Geithner. In our case, we are seeing a rapid decline in our relative power. Mar 23, at It was Hank Paulson, who was the former head of Goldman Sachs. You know, in the instance of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, that was sponsored by Phil Gramm and by the Republicans, but it was very, very enthusiastically supported by Robert Rubin and Larry Summers, and it was signed into law by Bill Clinton and passed with the support of all those very powerful Democratic senators.


Is Rolling Stone still in print? Copy may not be in its final form. Maybe you come for in-depth stories that expose government taibb corporate abuses of power. Maybe you come for our daily headlines. We can basically do whatever we want.

The Big Takeover – SourceWatch

Mike Taibbi works for NBC. Of course, it isn’t possible to have a mainstream discussion about this, so we will have to pretend our problems have nothing to do with the rise of great economic power in China and India.

AIG was a company that had overemployees. For further information or additional permissions, contact us. I mean, this whole situation is rife with Goldman Sachs employees.

Sometimes what appears to be a conspiracy is actually more disturbing – the possibility that the high and mighty don’t really understand what is going on. It would hardly be the first time in human history that the best and brightest were overtaken by events they couldn’t properly understand – World War I comes to mind. Non-commercial news needs your support. This was absolute unity on the part of both parties. They both were absolutely complicit in passing these deregulatory moves.


“The Big Takeover”-Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone on the financial meltdown

You turn to Democracy Now! One of the better reporters out there – certainly better than anyone in Time or Newseek.

We produce our daily news hour at takbbi fraction of the budget of a commercial news operation, all without ads, government funding or corporate underwriting? But, first of all, who are these people in the London office?

Happy New Year!

And then we are going to talk about these bonuses and who these people are. And a great example of how Wall Street has actually risen in influence is this new program that Taibi Geithner introduced the other day, which is really just state-subsidized hedge fund profiteering.

Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke argued in his testimony, if the government had allowed AIG to fail, it would have jeopardized the entire financial system.

The Obama administration and the Federal Reserve urged Congress yesterday to give the federal government unprecedented new powers to seize control of troubled financial firms beyond banks deemed too big to fail.

Please do your part. Are we really looking to Rolling Stone for serious journalism? You know that you can count on Democracy Now! Mar 23, at 5: WootAre we really looking to Rolling Stone for serious journalism?

What do you mean, they made this bet?

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