Bitterleaf By Lisa Gregory – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Meredith Whitney falls in love with Jeremy Devlin, the proud indentured servant her stepfather has brought to the family plantation, Bitterleaf. Title, Bitterleaf Jove historical romance. Author, Lisa Gregory. Contributor, Copyright Paperback Collection (Library of Congress). Publisher, Jove,

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It goes like this There was nothing in this story that didn’t count on a misunderstanding to make it blossom, from Jeremy’s lineage all the way to Meredith’s cousin’s aka Galen assumption about how she felt about Jeremy.

This is a book about strangers becoming spouses, lovers, and friends. Even after this book ended, I could imagine them having a good life together, raising their family, and running their plantation with honor, and not on the backs of enslaved labor.


She couldn’t stay away from him or keep her heart out of his hands. The owner of Bitterleaf plantation, Daniel Hurley, sees potential grgory him and purchases him. Meredith is a plain, tall bookish young woman in sultry Charleston.

Some richly drawn characters add a wonderful depth to the story, though you may find the pace is a bit leisurely.

Mar 12, Lyuda rated it it was ok Shelves: Lisa Gregory Candace Bitteroeaf was writing some of the best emotional and touching romances of the time.


Isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder.

But lsa book sounded too interesting to turn down. He was a nobleman’s son betrayed into bondage, unhumbled by the lash, who treated Meredith and every woman as his possession. This is the story of an illegitimate English lord who becomes an indentured servant in America. So I decided not to avoid a certain trope simply because of what it is because, you know, there might be an author who will do it justice and you will be glad you kept the faith.

Feb 18, Patrick rated it it was amazing. Refresh and try again.

Selfish, self-centered and thoroughly lacking in morals, he spends hregory better part of the book looking out for 1. The landowner has a daughter whom is described as “plain, unattractive, and mousy”.

A Sultry Tale from the Old South Set in Charleston, in the Carolina colony inthis liaa the story of Jeremy Devlin, the bastard son of an Irish mother and an English nobleman, and Meredith Whitney, the too tall plain daughter of a plantation owner.

Bitterleaf – Lisa Gregory – Google Books

Tall, sapphire-eyed Jeremy Devlin was no simple servant. It was so contrived and idiotic. He even goes so far as to scheme to marry Meredith and then sell off her plantation and move back to London, leaving her penniless and on the mercy of relatives.

The novel itself is highly erotic and is one of my favorite novels to date. Even Jeremy, the love of her life, finds her unattractive and plain but still desires her.


Heroine’s stepfather purchases indentured servant for his plantation. Candace Camp is the New York Times bestselling author of over sixty books. The story revolves around his relationship to Merideth, of course. Jan Blooth rated it really liked it Apr 15, Daniel has a step-daughter, Merideth, who is also present. One afternoon she decides to go with her step-dad down to the sale of bond-slaves. For the entire last half of the book, with each and every instance of Meredith being a complete and utter dolt, I thought, “Oh gee, could she get any stupider?

An author with a true penchant for bltterleaf, steamy love scenes.

I know some readers have certain tropes they avoid no matter what, and I used to think that I would never, ever like the “chick in pants” device. Jeremy ultimately proves his worth many times over. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Bitterleaf by Gregory, Lisa

Each scene between them showed the current of intense feeling running between them, even long before they actually consummated their marriage. Ships from the UK.

The plot gets complicated but is easy to follow and easy to relate to.

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