The Caberg Justissimo has been in production probably longer than any other motorcycle helmet. It’s approaching a ten year anniversary and. All Caberg Styles. Axel · Downtown S · Drift · Drift Evo · Droid · Duke · Duke II · Ego · Freedom · Freeride · Ghost · Hyper X · Jet Century · Jet Sintesi · Justissimo. Användar manual Justissimo GT (PDF)» is PDF file with helmet visor of £30 for visor, on ebay last week £75 for brand new caberg helmet!).

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The fit is excellent, after this many years the materials have not broken down, liner materials are still good as new. Push back on the cover and it moves towards the rear of the helmet, opening a V-shaped channel on either side.

Texas does not require helmets but I do ride a lot. If your rating is revoked you will lose karma Have justissimmo read the ratings guide? Note that our helmet evaluations are a combined effort of several riders over time on different types of motorcycles with and without windscreens.

It also has surprisingly good outward visibility. Especially for the Legend in hi-viz; I love the contrast. But mine slip right in, no problem. And the shell was easy to install the side clamp for the unit itself.

Find A Product Search for: I have not had any neck fatigue wearing it. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this jkstissimo You cannot vote in justisximo in this forum You cannot attach files in this forum You cannot download files caaberg this forum.

Comments are ordered from most recent to oldest. The face shield is said to have been treated with an anti-scratch coating. In fact, despite the tall and wide chin bar, the Duke paradoxically seems to offer better outward visibility than found on many other flip-ups in this price range. The other little issue are just nits to pick.

When I finally came to terms with the fact I had to replace it inI looked at a lot of helmets. The dimpled front vent holes hide a sliding cover justissio is operated with the red horizontal three-position slider. Removing the sun visor is something else though, right pain!


The Justissimo is a classic design that proves that good design and build quality will last. Jhstissimo was able to lift the front visor a quarter inch and receive a enough ventilation that it kept me cool and it did not create significant noise to interrupt my audio books. See the Summary Table at the bottom of the justissijo for a description of our rating system.

Caberg Motorcycle Helmets | Axel

The rotating justsisimo visor works well and has a solid feel. The lower-frequency noises that can be generated around the bottom edge of the helmet seem to be well controlled, so not problem there.

So our size large may have the smaller shell in the largest head size, which can sometimes result in a slightly thinner than normal padding to make up the difference. The chin strap padding is thick enough and the strap also has a metal D-ring that can be used to lock the helmet to a motorcycle.

The rotating flip-up visor on the Duke uses no springs or detents on the way up, until it reaches the top-most position, where a strong detent clicks it in place. Which brings me full circle to the flip up helmets.

Still, though, I like this helmet a lot. Perhaps there is a case for a rethink in helmet protection and design? A large rubberized button in front, just under the chin vent, is easy to find and to use.

The upper part of the helmet has normal to less than average noise levels and the neck roll padding is nicely designed.

By and large I find myself concurring with most of what you have written, especially regarding the value for money and the styling, although a query I emailed to Caberg about the pricing as advertised in a motorcycling magazine has still to be answered by them!! As a canerg, the Justissimo GT has average to better-than-average vertical visibility and about average in the horizontal plane.

The chin curtain does not impress justissijo. What I can say is that the size large Justissimo GT of has a comfortable fit. Always protect your hearing when riding a motorcycle.


Please explain your rating.

When the slider is pulled all the way towards the front, the button slider slips into a light detent and the sun visor will move into its lowest position. Not much chin room. Caberg was the first Italian manufacturer to produce a flip-up helmet and they have continued to evolve the type through the years.

This Justissimo GT in size large weighed in at grams 3 lbs.

Caberg Duke Review

The optical quality of both the 2. The front-to-back internal dimensions of the Duke are a bit shorter than average also, with the tip of my chin just touching the inside bottom part of the chin bar. No Comment Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Please be fair in your ratings! That unique top vent does a good job at keeping noise levels low, and the close fit along the bottom of the helmet, along with the chin curtain, does the same for the lower portion of the helmet.

An extra-thick foam and fabric lining covers each ear pocket, and the EPS liner is shaped to fit speakers. The design and styling of the Duke may affect outward visibility differently for various rider head shapes. The rear exhaust vent on the Caberg Justissimo GT.

Every time I set the Duke on my head, I definitely notice a difference. The clarity of the sun visor is especially appreciated. For informational use only. The Duke is a progenitor of the Caberg Konda; itself a progenitor of the Caberg Trip, which started this branch on the Caberg family tree of stylish flip-up helmets designed to appeal to the younger, sportbike-riding customer. Amnual and unbiased advice here. After years of use the release mechanism works as well as the first day I ever used it, drop down visor works perfectly and to this day does not have a scratch on it.

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