Here is an analysis and summary of Ciaran Carson’s poem ‘Belfast Confetti’, looking at the historical context, poetic form and structure. Belfast Confetti (a poem by Ciaran Carson). Suddenly as the riot squad moved in, it was raining exclamation marks, Nuts, bolts, nails, car keys. Belfast Confetti [Ciaran Carson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Belfast Confetti, Ciaran Carson’s third book of poetry, weaves together in.

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The metaphoric language used in this poem, portrays every single effect of violence, on the heart of the poet.

Poem of the Week: “Belfast Confetti” by Ciaran Carson

June 26, at 6: Part of the qualification, as it were. Yes I was genuinely taken aback by that. I am a guest on this blog, as you are. Thank you for the explanation.

I like the poem because of the sense confeti entrapment and disorientation. I see your point about the priests. There are limits to tolerating intolerance. According to Angela Bourke, priests in the late nineteenth century propounded a Catholicism that was modern-minded, outward-looking, literate, and essentially middle class. Subverting rather than constructing. You do not write enough.

BELFAST CONFETTI (poem) – Ciaran Carson – United Kingdom/Ireland – Poetry International

That and the constant media attention. Every move is punctuated. Localism, nepotism and personal advancement take precedence over public-spiritedness. I must see if I can find it.


It is winter here, so one can expect the weather to be cold and wet and very windy. That gave the language permanency. He eventually went to China. The Saxons were not as civilized as the Romano-British though.

And thank you for Ossianification. June 25, at 7: The poet has beautifully used different punctuation in a very carefree and freestyle manner to put the most contemporary effect on the hearts of the readers. Yes, in changing times, language is vulnerable if it is not written. The atmosphere cinfetti very good and lots of fun.

Analysis of Belfast Confetti By Ciaran Carson

Religion should be a private matter of the heart, and the politics of religion should be kept under control. What about translation of the Bible into Irish? When Samuel Beckett was asked whether he was an English writer, he replied Au contraire.

They both have an almost fairytale feel in genre and conception, and address the reader directly, which sort of makes their dscriptions of severed limbs and rotting flesh even more stomach churning! Interesting to hear your background, Cymbeline. The fans with tickets went to the game and we moved up to Somerset Road, a main thoroughfare lined with bars adjacent to the stadium.

Belfast Confetti By Ciaran Carson

Re your 47, Latin was the liturgical language up to the s … I have vague memories of the Latin mass. June 19, at 2: Switching religions in extremisthen switching back. It is I guess a question of perspective as to whether ideas are negative or not. Interesting about the Canadian element.


The areas where Irish was spoken in the nineteenth century were those where the Catholic Church was weakest. It is on the page. It was t-shirt weather and so we were able to watch the game on TV sitting on the veranda and later, when the match had ended, drink our beers in the street as the disappointed English and ecstatic Algerian fans left the stadium.

I think you once said conferti you packed in being a student at Dublin University.

I enjoy your discussions with Brendano. Thank you for your very interesting response, Brendano. Ferret is very clever, and his voice is especially important when he describes how Thatcher destroyed and trampled human lives in his part of the world.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here June 19, at Are you being affected much by the World Cup? Besides being an author and a novelist, he is also a well-known musician and columnist. Sadly never having had a proper education myself, I am not usually able confftti participate with same level of eloquence or erudition.

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