Buy The End of Human Rights UK ed. by Costas Douzinas (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. The End of Human Rights by Costas Douzinas. Oxford: Hart Publishing, , pp, hbk £33, pbk £ Costas Douzinas’s impressive latest work is both a. Book Review. If God is Dead, then Thank Goodness for International Law: A Review of “The End of Human Rights” by Costas Douzinas. Place of publication: .

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A Review of”The End of Human Rights”

The Political Philosophy of Cosmopolitanism. William Talbott – – Oxford University Press. A human being is someone who can successfully claim human rights. But the attainment of identity through the desire and recognition of the other fails in different ways, even in those cases in which human rights are successful on the surface and succeed in legalising desire.

The right of the other comes first; before my right and before my identity as organised by rights, comes my obligation, my radical turn towards the claim to respect the dignity of the other. His basic argument is that notwithstanding the contradictory and paradoxical existence of human rights in practice when taken hostage by governments and liberal jurisprudence, we should not abolish their great aspirations so close to their “final” righhs.

Hannah Arendt and the Challenge of Modernity. Similarly today, the hte of morality follows the gradual unification of world markets. The first humanism was the result of the encounter between Greek and Roman civilisation, and the early modern humanism of the Italian Renaissance retained the two characteristics of nostalgia for a lost past and for exclusion of others who are not equal to this Edenic period.

This review simply cannot convey the richness and complexity of this book. Some include no such right at all. Indeed, it is striking that our most acclaimed theorists of rights forget years of social theory and philosophy and act as if humwn have never heard the names of Marx, Freud, Nietzsche or Weber.

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The non-essential essence of human rights, the fleeting universal involved in all particular right-claims, could be the recognition of the priority of the other person whose existence before mine makes me ethically bound and opens to me the domain of language, inter-subjectivity and right.

So empiricism of the subject implies idealism of the essence and vice versa. The variable universalism of classical natural law or the Kantian normative universalisation both acted as regulative principles: The Challenge of Human Rights: On approval, you will either be sent the print dojzinas of the book, or you will receive a further email containing the link to allow you to download your eBook.

Human Rights in Social and Political Philosophy. The community of human rights is universal but imaginary: Part Two examines the philosophical logic of rights.

History of Western Philosophy. There is no guarantee that affection will win over fear.

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They continually transfer their claims to new domains, fields of activity and types of legal subjectivity; they ceaselessly construct new meanings and values; and they bestow dignity and protection to novel subjects, situations and people. The declarations set out the universality of costxs but their immediate effect is to establish the boundless power of the state and its law. The principles of dozinas rights and national sovereignty, both paramount, paradoxically served two separate agendas of the great powers: Representation and Rights in Sexuality Activism.

At the time of their birth, costaas the 18th century, and again in the popular uprisings of the last decade, human rights became the dominant critique of the conservatism of law. This unique other, this transcendence in historical immanence opens the prospect of a postmodern principle of justice.


The End of Human Rights: : Costas Douzinas: Books

While universal morality and rights now militate in favour of reverse flows, Western policies on development aid and Third World debt, and American policies on oil pricing, gas emissions and defence spending, indicate that this is not politically feasible. Indeed, their rhetorical nature, declaratory enunciation and regular defiance of state law are aspects of their ability to transcend and redefine their contextual boundaries. Cultural relativism, and communitarianism, are potentially even more murderous, because they have privileged access to community and neighbourhood, the places where people are killed and tortured.

The final outcome will be the fracturing of community and of the social bond into a monadology, in which some people will be able to assert their final and absolute sovereignty, while others will be reduced to the status of the perpetually oppressed underclass. The enormous potential for diversity released by the demise of communism was accompanied by an unprecedented desire for unity and order.

However from early modernity onwards, natural rights underpinned the sovereignty of the modern state. Douzinas, above n 3 Humanitarian interventions, war crimes tribunals and domestic prosecutions of heads of states for violations of human rights are all part of the new order. Don’t have a Kindle?

At that point, all differences disappear. The 20th douxinas was the century of massacre, genocide, ethnic cleansing — the age of the Holocaust. We become human through citizenship, and subjectivity is based on the gap, the difference between universal man and state citizen.

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