Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review PS3 · Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review Xbox Final Fantasy XIII-2 starts in New Bodhum in the year AF, which is. Page 4 of the full game walkthrough for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements.

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At one point you can either go left Northeast or right Southwest. There is no practical purpose to this, other than improving your personal score for “bragging rights” you don’t receive tangible rewards; no loot, no stats bonuses, nothing at all.

You don’t need to buy any of them, so it’s better if you save your precious Gil for something more important they don’t cost much individually, fantasyy if you were to buy them all you would end up without Gil for the important items. Proceed past the merchant when you’re done shopping.

We need to be in Yusnaan before Try to speak with him for a scene.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Mystery Egg3, Gil, Cool Glasses x 1. We’re going to need all of our EPs against the next boss fight, so make sure to save them! On the way you will notice another orange dot on your map E 3 — approach the second Moogle and speak with him to progress with this quest – Where Are You, Moogle?

Therefore stick with the following text indications, which will be written line by line, step by step. In here, speak with an NPC. After the fight, keep following the objective markers around to eventually trigger some cutscenes and reach The Ark.

When you find him, speak with him, sell him your Soul Seeds and give him the “Moogle Fragment” reward of one of the previous quests in Moogle Village to receive the Fragment of Radiance. This xbbox all we want to do in Yusnaan for today. You don’t need to fight any monster, and honestly there xiiii little purpose in doing so, aside from practicing the battle system a little. Then go through the open door.


Do so and grab the Rubber Ball sparkle on the ledge ; then hand it over to complete the quest.

This quest will continue across multiple days, so all we can do today is starting it. One of this battles will be about the “Guard” tutorial. In fantays you used all of your EP during the previous fight, make sure to fight a few enemies here and there to refill your EP completely — you’ll need 6 EP to open a treasure later on in this day.

Cyber Jumpsuit with Liberator weapon and Fighter’s Emblem. In here, stay on the right side and then proceed forward to find some big containers that you can use to climb up. Stick to the South side as you go West. He wants 3x Monster Mince obtained from the “monkey” enemies called Vali first, and then he will ask for 1x AMP Chip dropped by giant enemies in the “rocky” areas; the enemies are called Aster Protoflorian.

You might have figured that the “reporter” you’re looking for to continue with the quest “To Save the Sinless” is Armand himself, but unfortunately we can’t do anything about it yet we need to return here another Day before being able to speak with Armand again.

If you have time to spare, feel free to fight a few more battles in the arena to work towards the Queen of the Arena achievement you need to win 10 fights to unlock it. She will give you an Animal Potionbut the quest won’t be completed just yet. Make sure to jump up some boxes to reach a ledge as you go forward, so you can reach a treasure sphere B containing a Soldier’s Tie.

If you open your in-game map you will notice a dead-end path leading East and then Southwest it’s between the Northeastern part of the Commercial District and the Centrum area.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough – Page 4

Follow the road to the end to find a treasure B containing the item Beloved’s Gift. After fighting Cyclops more scenes will trigger, and then you will end up in the Warehouse District. Exit the station for a short scene with a random NPC. This time she wants 4x Vinal should already have these4x Luminous Mushrooms we’re going to get them soon1x Crimm Mushroom we’ll get it soon.


Main Quest For this xiiu you simply need to complete the subquest “Whither Faith” which is story-related. On the way you will also find an Adventuring Essentials guy who sells info on these monsters: In this area there are also shops, namely a General Store and an Detonaod. Let’s go back to the main areas outside. In this area there is also a quest-giver, but his quest “Last One Standing” is not completable on the first playthrough it requires you to slay every single Last One in the game, but some of them are found in a dungeon available only at the end of the game, past the point of non-return.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation 3 – GameFAQs

In here there is a treasure B containing a Nacre Cameoand from here you can also reach the room South of it through another type-B door which contains the aforementioned treasure C with Slow Lv 2 – In short, regardless of which door type is currently open you’ll be able to get two of these treasures immediately, but for the third and last one you’ll need to wait until the next hour.

Speak with Hope and pick the second option to ask him about the red-worded topics in order to reactivate the green portal in The Ark to return to Luxerion. He’ll give you the item Father’s Letterand your goal is to make Pickett steal this item from you.

If you’re late, for any whatsoever reason, make sure that you use Chronostasis and have at least 40 minutes to spare before Speak with him again when he stops walking to complete the quest Rewards:

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