2 quotes from Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type: ‘the INTP is more likely to be drawn to prog. By Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger. As Career Counselors or recruiters , we all aim for that “marriage made in to love, we must do what we are. The assessment was created by Paul D. Tieger, internationally recognized expert and author Do What You Are, one of the best-selling career guides of all time.

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This fifth edition is especially useful for millennials and for baby boomers experiencing midlife career switches. Maria marked it as to-read Oct 08, Yva Goldheart whatt it as to-read Aug 17, But I’m still no closer to knowing what career path I should pursue, and so I shall continue I knew this book wouldn’t do much for me–I don’t like self-help books in the first place and I haven’t had much luck with the career guidance books I’ve read.

What Paul has to say

Hasan Rana marked it as to-read Sep 11, But I got a dose of that career my senior year in a Distributive Education program, and worked in the best department store at that time in my city a state capitol. It was still fun to just read arre what personality type I am and the careers for me.

I think many if not most mentally healthy people are close to the middle of the spectrum.

I have books on palm reading and phrenology and that thing where they tell how easy you are to hypnotize by looking at your eyes. Michelle rated it liked laul Oct yoou, This is a great read if you’re already interested in personality type and want to know more but don’t want to be overwhelmed with information. Jan 18, Kater Cheek rated it did not like it. I was surprised, but pleasantly. Even od this is the most recent edition of the book published in Marchit already seems very out of date.

Which I did love. I found this book useful in that it validated some things I already knew about myself but doubted it’s okay to be an introvert yet still like working with people and that it helped me identify and refine my preferences as I mentally argued with the book I don’t like working with people’s feelings, but I do like working with people on logical tasks.


Tisger used this book as a mid-career re-evaluation to make sure I’m headed in the right direction. Aug 12, Amir Hossein Fassihi rated it it was amazing.

Do What You Are Quotes by Paul D. Tieger

While this book uses the Myers Briggs framework for career analysis, it does not contain the official Myers Briggs test. With the global economy’s ups and downs, the advent of astonishing new technology, the migration to online work and study, and the ascendancy of mobile communication, so much has changed in the American workplace since this book’s fourth edition was published in And it helped me understand the nuances of Myers Briggs personality types and how to apply them to a career evaluation.

The author of five books on Personality type and the preeminent expert in this field, Paul has helped over one million people find career satisfaction and success. The first thing VocRehab had me do was to go in every morning for a week and take a battery of tests, i. In fact, i think a lot of how I’ve seen myself over the years Loved it!

Many have found great help from the concept of Personality Type, and Tieger and Barron are yoou at explaining pzul approach to career choice. Account Options Sign in.

No trivia or quizzes yet. And if you plan to stay in your job, Do What You Are provides savvy advice for getting the most out of your current career. Erin Montgomery rated it really liked it Jul 16, Unsurprisingly, this book told me that I am an ISTJ introverted, sensing, thinking, judgingfor which that chapter’s subtitle is “take your time and do it right”–exactly my perspective on life.

Through his ground-breaking book Do What You Are, Paul Tieger changed how career counseling is conducted around the world. When I took the first test, I was 16 and on track to go to college and major in fashion and marketing.

Mir marked it as to-read Sep 18, I landed pretty solidly on INFJ and as a result the book kept steering me toward counseling and various jobs that involved working with people’s feelings.

Lindsay Johnson rated it really liked it Jun 28, So tel me, why is it you want to add me? No trivia or quizzes yet. I only read the chapters that let you know what you are and the chapters that tell me something about my type. A revolutionary way of finding the right job. How you extravert tiegee introvert your functions.


This book, by the authors of Nurture By Nature – which is about parenting – again uses the Myers-Briggs personality type system to guide readers in analyzing and understanding their own strengths, weaknesses, and patterns of thinking and behavior, with the aims of first, figuring out what careers are the best match shat any person; second, guiding him or her in the process of job-hunting and interviewing; and third, helping him or her be as effective as possible on the job once hired, both in terms of how to best use strengths and how to avoid being blindsided by weaknesses and bad habits.

Over the past 20 years, Paul has consulted with dozens of insurance companies, financial institutions, law firms, colleges, utility companies, governmental offices, hospitals, and a variety of other types of businesses. I dread when people add people on social media sites, just to get numbers. Natalia Kirillova marked it as to-read Oct 16, Paul pioneered the application of Personality Type as a tool to assist trial attorneys in selecting and communicating with jurors, and has worked on dozens yieger high-profile civil and criminal cases, including the first physician-assisted suicide trial of Dr.

And many of us-most of us, likely-are still on that journey of figuring that out. The authors actually talk about “surfing the web” and make the same lame joke two times about how it doesn’t involve surfboards. It just told me or I guess reinforced what I already knew in my about my life.

Bunnyhugger rated it liked it Sep 29, To ask other readers questions about Do What You Areplease sign up. Do What You Are: Already a classic in the genre, Do What You Are has helped hundreds of thousands of people find truly satisfying work.

Candacekai marked it as to-read Sep 02,

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