Software communication problems can occur due to a few reasons. Please click on the appropriate troubleshooting guide (link) below for assistance. WT Meter – Digital Psychrometer and Portable Thermometer Hygrometer with LCD Monitor,. Extech RH Precision Dual Display Hygro Thermometer Psychrometer. RH Dual Display Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer. On Sale Extech RH ✅ Engineers on staff. ✅ FAST quotes ✅ We accept POs.

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Communications Call, email or chat online with application engineers. Fondriest recommends using a carrier that offers shipment tracking for all returns. The 48VFL has a single active output and the 96VFL has 2 active outputs, one main and the other secondary which operates opposite to the main output.

Online pricing is not permitted for this product. Extech does not have a moisture meter that will wxtech accurate measurements in brick and concrete. These would include all of the Photo fxtech Laser tachometers.

View our complete Privacy Policy. Thanks for submitting a quote request. A factory-authorized service center provides fast-turnaround product repair and annual maintenance. Do I need to purchase a microphone calibrator? The meters are calibrated with the standard length leads. Extech has a few meters that can perform GPP Grains per pound measurements. Do all of your Power Analyzers measure transients and harmonics?

Dashes are an indication that the temperature probe is not recognized by the meter. We also have distributors who carry compatible probes for any application.


Accurately measuring moisture in concrete ASTM requires humidity plugs to be placed into the concrete surface. The physical size is different. Your order for in-stock items that are eligible for same-day shipping must be received before your local time of 2: Allow time for the paint or tape to adjust to the temperature of the surface it is covering. How can I get a calibration procedure for my meter? Extensive measurement technology, product troubleshooting and instrument etech workshops are offered at rh40 factory.

Extech Product Frequently Asked Questions

Usually ships in weeks. Title and risk of loss to all products will pass to you on delivery. If you are not satisfied with your purchase from Fondriest Environmental, you have up to 14 calendar days from the time you receive your item s to initiate a return. Extech has a number of temperature probers including bead wire thermocouples and stick probes to be used in liquids. You can view the data sheet for a particular model online. Complete the fields below for an instant quote via email. We try to respond to all email requests within a few hours.

For measuring objects that are hard to reach or dangerous, the best solution would be a laser, photo, or strobe tachometer.

Products shipped via standard service are normally delivered within five business days after extecy. Educational Government Quantity Privacy: The meter can make measurements from a distance, however the accuracy can be affected by multiple factors like light reflections on the target, air temperature and humidity, also the size of the target and how shiny the target is.


Email correspondence is responsive and a toll free number is available for added convenience.

Does my moisture meter read moisture content or does it give me a relative reading? Is my meter calibrated out of the box? See our list of available probes on our Thermometer Accessories web page.

Extech Product FAQ

After three delivery attempts, the carrier will return the package to Fondriest. Products shipped prior to 4: Please remember to include the model number of your meter. Do you have replacement parts for the force gauges? Please note that Fondriest does not permit the return of or offer refunds for the following products: Call, email or chat online with application engineers. Please submit your request to our Tech Support department by email at support extech.

Where can I obtain a User’s Guide for my meter? Do you have moisture meters that will work on brick, concrete and other similar materials? Rental Rental equipment is available to minimize downtime and cover equipment needs when projects expand.

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