Manuals and User Guides for Katronic Technologies FLUXUS ADM We have 1 Katronic Technologies FLUXUS ADM manual available for free PDF . Wall thickness measurement (option). FLUXUS ADM FLUXUS ADM Portable Ultrasonic Flow Measurement of. Liquids. Features. Rent, lease or buy the Ultrasonic Flowmeter (Flexim Fluxus ADM ) from Livingston. Request the rental price for the Ultrasonic Flowmeter (Flexim Fluxus.

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Set-up Of Current Loop Recognition Of Flow Direction Fluxuus Of The Limit Values Deletion Of Parameter Records Program Branch Sf Overview Flucus Branch Parameter Printing Of Measured Values Types Of Display Templates Alarm Output Operation And Update Set-up Of Other Output Options Program Branch Output Options Program Information And Error Messages Overview Of Lfuxus Wtm Option Program Branch Wtm-output Options Set-up Of Analogue Outputs Alarm Outputs During Transducer Positioning Transducer Installation In Diagonal Mode Process Interfaces optional Errors During Parameter Input Overview Of The Hqm Option Scope Of Supply, Unpacking, Storage Measurement Of The Wall Thickness Heat Quantity Measurement optional Extension Of Program Branch Measuring All calibration data including the transducer identification and parameters is stored permanently in the transducers and is transferred to the transmitter automatically upon connection.


Set-up Of Alarm Properties Program Branch Special Functions Malfunctions During Super User Mode Transducer Installation In Reflection Mode Operational Modes To Set-up Input Of The Transducer Parameters Transfer Of Measured Values Feature Portable flow measurement with 2 flow channels Automatic transducer detection Easy installation without 67255 the pipe and without process interruption User-friendly operation through practical user dialogue Two transducer pairs cover the main diameter range Transducers for explosive atmosphere available Flow calibrated transducers High flexibility, including: Aem Of The Measuring Quantity The transducers are not in direct contact with the medium to be measured and thus in no way submitted to pressure and wear and tear.

Program Branch Measuring Measurement Of The Sound Velocity Table of contents Operating Instructions Correction Of The Temperature Channels Stop Wall Thickness Measurement The status display enables even the inexperienced user to judge online the quality and precision of the measurement. Virtual Calculation Channels Measurement Is Not Successful Wall Thickness Measurement optional Start Of The Measurement Set-up Of Frequency Output Errors During Measurement Identification Of The Measuring Point Wall Thickness Measurement wtm Set-up Of The Damping Factor Parameterisation Of The Calculation Channels The clamp-on flow transducers are simply mounted onto the pipe from the outside.


Working With Parameter Records Input Of Pipe Fluxs Disturbances During Measurement Cleaning Of Outside Pipewall With its clamp-on transducers and its rechargeable battery, it is an ideal tool for service work.

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