A RuneQuest 3 supplement about the Gods of Glorantha. It contained: A Theyalan Calendar The Prosopaedia. What The Priests Say The Cults Book. supplement Gods of Glorantha, published simultaneously. This book and its companion materials may not be repro- duced whole or in part by any means. Gods of Glorantha: 60 Religions for Runequest on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. CONTENTS: * PROSOPAEDIA: in this book hundreds of.

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The Avalon Hill Game Co.

Gods of Glorantha

The first edition of the role-playing game RuneQuest was released in glds Within each metaphysical system, adherents may also compete – such as when theistic worshipers of rival gods battle each other.

Heroes Volume 1, Gocs 4. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. Different Worlds Issue 38 – Jan Gods and Goddesses struggle here, with nations of people nothing but their pawns. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Glorantha.

Glorantha is colorful and full of magic.

Glorantha – Wikipedia

The “Prosopaedia” 20 pages contains a longer list of deities in thumbnail detail. Slayerswas written but never published. Gateway to Adventure By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The game detailed the rise of the barbarian Prince Argrath to defend glorantga homeland of Sartar against the red tide of the civilized Lunar Empire, and filled out the area of Dragon Pass ; the game has undergone several reissues since that time.


The Gloranthan world is characterised by its complex use of mythology, heavily influenced by the universalist approaches of Joseph Campbell godw Mircea Eliadeits Howardian ethos, its long and distinctive history as a setting for role-playing games, its community development and expansion, and unusual among early American fantasy role-playing games its relative lack of Tolkienesque influence.

It’s even more impressive you do that now that I’m an adult! Shop Window Adventurer Issue 1 – Apr Add a copy to your collection.

Latest publication is RuneQuest Roleplaying in Glorantha, published 21 st of september Stafford began imagining Glorantha in as a way to deepen his own understanding of mythology. Casus Belli Issue 32 – Apr Uzthe trolls, are the race of darkness, large, intelligent, astoundingly omnivorouswith a very developed sonar -like sense darksense.

There are a variety of cultures in Glorantha that have strikingly different perceptions of their world, the magic that pervades it and the major goorantha that have shaped it.

In recent years, Gloranthan gaming has been supported by two lines of game systems: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Views Read Edit Gode history. Because of this change in approach some RuneQuest fans found it difficult to adjust to HeroQuest. However, other long-term fans felt that the game fit Glorantha far better than RuneQuest.


As a result of their ability to mate with anything, they have the body of a man and features of their animal parent, often deer, goats, antelope, cattle, and sheep. The main treatment of the religions of Glorantha for the third edition of the RuneQuest rules set, this boxed product contains four books or booklets.

On the back cover of this edition, the game world was called ” Glorontha ” sic.

Retrieved from ” https: Mostali are a machine-like dwarf race, extremely xenophobicorthodox and insular. Heroes make their way in the world, and may also venture into metaphysical realms to gain knowledge and power, at the risk of body and soul.

Tales of the Reaching Moon.

Glorantha is an exciting world off heroes. Stafford’s first imaginings of Glorantha date back towhen he began his studies at Gocs Collegeas a vehicle for him to deepen his own understanding of mythology by creating his own mythology. Glorantha shares some fantasy tropes such as dwarveselvestrollsgiantsbut has developed them differently to the more conventional versions based on the work of Tolkien.

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