The Historia naturalis Brasiliae, their collaborative illustrated folio volume, in twelve books, was published in Rich in description of native life, the book. SUMMARY. The Historia naturalis Brasiliae is the most important early account of Brazilian zoology, botany, medicine and, to some extent, ethnology. Its animals. Historia naturalis Brasiliae. by PISO, Willem, and George Marcgraf. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Of note in the insects section is the smiling spider on the bottom ofhis belly almost entirely silver in color, and his mottled brown and black legs described in the text as weaving an exceedingly elegant web.

We will correct that in the final version. The work circulated widely in northern Europe and beyond, so that while it detailed the flora and fauna of coastal South Histofia, it was an important publication for those working elsewhere. It was the authoritative text on the subject for one-and-a-half century. It was edited, as stated on its title page, in: InJohann Maurits arrived to govern, tasked with stabilizing the settlement.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is based on Marcgraf and Piso’s time in Brazil, starting in Post sedulam inquisitionem ad minimum novem species hujus plantae repperi.


Historia naturalis Brasiliae | Books, Health and History

It comprises the most important early documentation of zoology, botany, and medicine in Brazil. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We are now in the final month before our census will be published.

View a machine-translated version of the Portuguese article. Obtida de ” https: In the list below, recent additions are preceded by an asterisk. Time and again Piso and Marcgraf’s species found their way into 17th and 18th century compendia of natural history, until many hundreds emerged into the modern era of plant and animal taxonomy through their use as the basis or part basis of properly named species proposed by Linnaeus.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The woodcuts are based on an original collection of paintings and sketches, now lost; many of these original depictions were likely done by Markgraf himself. Skip to content Historia Naturalis Brasiliae is the first scientific work on the natural history of Brasil, published in This work would naguralis to be incredibly influential especially in the field of ecology, being used by a variety of different ecologists in different locations and time.

Contemporary brown leather, panel design with blind tooling on front cover, spine with 5 raised bands. Gralitzioin addition to humanist Johannes de Laet. Even though the book has been studied from various angles, we know very brasiilae about the material history of the book.


Adam carries a spear.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Elzevirium [ 4 ] – nome latino da prestigiada editora, ainda existente, Elsevier. Flore ex coeruleo purpurascente, pomisque quantum ad externam faciem similibus, caeterum sapore dissimillimis, quod nonnulla dulcia, quaedam acida erant.

This would lead to concern amongst Piso and his contemporaries that these people might not be able to contribute to studying medicine and botany. Copy census The copy census is a unique method to understand the history of books as a social and cultural phenomenon. Casa de Oswaldo Cruz, pesquisado em 15 de setembro de He offers a vivid account of a patient in the throes of tetanus, and suggests that the root cause of the ailment may be a minor wound, of the kind that craftspeople incur while working.

Frontispiece, Historia Naturalis Brasiliae Published Walter Channing, April 11, American physician and professor of medicine; sent as a gift to Amos Binney, includes a two page handwritten letter to accompany the donation.

Title page of Historia naturalis Brasiliae Markgraf describes the appearance, habits, and environment of each animal depicted.

The long lasting influence could be seen outside of just the field of ecology, as well, with various other forms of science utilizing the findings in various ways.

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