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His father died soon after his birth and his mother and sister brought him up in the rich cultural and religious traditions. Oh God who showed me the kaandhar out of the mire of worldly illusion, Which tried to stick to me, who does not have holiness for getting salvation? Can move to SD 8.

Oh Lord of death who rides on the buffalo with its evil thoughts, I would cut you and drive you away showing your back in front of the world, For I am standing before the lord with red Vel who killed Soorapadma, Go away with your arms for I am having the sword of wisdom in my hand. Why did create me with eyes that do not see you, hands that do not salute you, And with toungue that does not sing you, knowingly?.

Oh pitiable mind, which does not know that the wealth of great kings, Roaming with their armies riding on Chariot, elephant, horse and on foot, Would one day will vanish like the letters written on the water, If laangaram depend and salute the group of devotees of Muruga, Kzndhar threw is shining Kanduar on the Krouncha mountain and Soorapadma, You can get protection and definitely not through any other means.

Oh merciful Lord who is the darling son of Lord ShivaWho holds the kandhag river Ganges and snake in his red forest like matted hair, And who also wears the Thumbai flower and the single crescent of the moon. Understanding the soft germination like Shiva YogaBy using your wisdom, and keeping the teachings, Of the teacher who has six faces and by serving him, Without any doubt you would get salvation.

Oh God who rides on the peacock, whose dance with its feathers, Touching up to the sky and which is much beyond our sight, Makes the eight mountain like elephants and eight mountains move, Please do come when the god of death riding on the Buffalo, Which can cut you tries to bind me with his rope. Alas, you are destroying alangaran, what to do?. Does he not remember the time when his legs were chained by Kanda?

He used to get money from his sister each time to go to devadasi’s. Oh Kanda, Oh Muruga with the Vel, I do not foresee, Any method for attaining salvation, from in this temporary life, As I alngaram attracted and was carrying the body of mine, Which is but a packet tied by the bones and suffered, And my mind is burning now with the pain due to sorrow, Because of the fate which made me to be born in this world. Retrieved from ” http: The cock,which came in kndhar submissive state to Lord Muruga, Who has alxngaram great power of exterminating the army of his enemies, Made his flag be called as aangaram victorious flag by one and all, And became capable of destroying problems created by his enemies.

Set as Ringtone, alarm, notification 6. Oh God of death, since my mind is perennially full of the thought of Muruga, Who not getting satiated by drinking milk from the six mothers of the group of stars, Also drank the milk of Goddess Parvathi, to get satiated, And his long sword worn on his hips, small sword held in his hands, And the Vel, please do not come near me and go away, And if you come I would even take your soul away.

Oh God with six heads, the thunderous clap of your twelve hands, Broke the eight mountains in eight directions in to pieces, Made the mount Meru tremble and saved the devas, Oh God please take me, who dances with the idea that life in earth is everything, And who wanders all around due the confusion created by the trance, In to your grace and save me from these delusions.

Oh mind, please tell the name of Shanmuga, who is the Lord of Valli, Who was born to a very small dear in the hill slopes, Where the male elephants play with the female elephants, And daily give at least one fist of rice to those who want it, And then eat whatever rice is remaining because, This body which is an illusion will not even be, A fist of ash, when it is burnt after death. Oh lustrous light living in the Godly mountain of Thiruchengodu [6].

I am wearing the armour of the total divine grace of, The God named Kandaswami who is the son of Lord ShivaWhose trident is not visible to Vishnu with conch and wheel as weapons, As well as to Lord Brahma and who holds the Vel as a weapon, Who has hair on his head resembling a burning ball of fire, And who has in his flag a cock whose only weapon is his leg, And so even if I become the enemy of God of death, Would his weapons become effective against me?.


That great truth cannot be described by any words, And which is not the five spirits of earth, water, fire, air and sky, And which is neither he nor me, which has shape and also does not have shape. It describes how Muruga comes into our lives in various roles. Stotra Kaumarism Skanda mantras Mantras. Arunagiri was born in Thiruvannamalai, a town in Tamil Nadu.

kandhar alangaram

Some versions of this work carry seven more stanzas than is presented here but these do not belong to Kandhar Alankaram as the poet himself kandhxr told about one hundred stanzas of the book. Designed for all types of Mobile and Tablet 2. Oh Muruga with a red Vel, Oh Kandha of hill of Thiruthani, Which is full of Kadamba trees, with large flower bunches, Oh young Kumara, Oh king guardian of Amaravathi, city of devas, Please cure my mental confusion, because of my being caught, In the fish like kadnhar of maidens playing ball, and shower your grace.

Oh holy one who by sending his Vel, made crows and hawks fight, Who made the ghosts dance in the battle field among the corpses, And who made blood to gush out of the mouths of bad Asuras, When would give salvation to this debased human being, Who mixed with men who did not think of you with love, And who did not utter your holy names with devotion?. The holder of the Vel who destroyed the mountain with his Vel, Who cut off the heads of the evil Asuras, And who in his anger dried the entire sea, Taught me all that is needed For removing the ills which can be brought about by five bhuthas, And for silencing voice, for deadening the senses, And for removing the feeling of the body and its actions, And for removing the sensibility of the soul, and removing all tricks, And for removing the end and putting an end to ignorance, And For removing the selfish feeling that everything is mine.

Oh people, who waste their time by not learning without mistakes, The prayers addressed to Lord Muruga, which are capable of, Destroying bad fate and avoids you being born to another mother, know that, At the time of your death when the angry Yama with smoke filled eyes, Rolls them and puts the noose in the rope of his in your neck to take out your life, Without any benefit, possibly you would start learning them.

Oh Skanda, who with his Vel bored the chest of Soorapadma, Who waged a war along with his relatives and the mountain, When will you ever save me who is wandering defeated, From the pretty eyed prostitutes, who are trying to do, Sinful acts by trying to catch the minds of sages who have left everything?. After breaking open the sky of the land of Brahma who sits on his lotus, After catching hold of the world of Indra, you who fought like a he elephant, And were extremely fearsome to Soorapadma who was ruling it like a tyrant, Please order the red flowered Kadamba flowers and my mind to suit your holy feet.

Oh God of death, if you dare come near my arms, See the sword of wisdom with me, who am a servant, Of the Lord holding the Vel of Thiruchendur [9]And I would make you fall down after cutting you, With your weapons known as Dandayudha and trident. For those who think of Lord Skanda, Who has a red coloured body, Who is in the mountain of Thiruchengode, Who is the kin having shining red Vel, Who gave interpretation to pure Tamil books, Who is the consort of the pretty Valli, Who wears the Kadamba garland with sweet smell, And who is the one who rides on a peacock, Till their death, there would be no problems.

Oh God Skanda who fought with Krouncha mountain till you bored it, My mind was tied in the net of the sight of the Prostitutes with long eye, Which would steal the souls of those who are hit with the thirst of passion, And which is like a spear and I request you please bless me with that divine knowledge, Which cannot be reached by any one and not at all by me, As I have completely lost my good conduct and character.

He was a devotee of Lord Muruga and worshipped the God at Vedapureeswarar temple at the sacred place known as Cheyyar on the banks of the Cheyyar River.

Kandhar Alankaram – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Oh God, who has lotus like feet adorned by jingling anklets, Oh merciful one who saved the husband of Devi Sasi from death, Oh personification of wisdom who shines like the Sun God, The fate of death is not for me, because I have got to myself, Your peacock with dazzling feathers as well as your Vel.

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Like the shadow of the body which does not even provide shade during torrid heat, When you are about to die, the assets that you have will be of no help, And so salute the Lord Muruga who has the shining and sharp Vel, And also share the broken rice that you have with the poor, always.

Account Options Sign in. They say that this body is similar to the bubbles in water, And when we study well we see wealth is like the streak of lightning, And so we say that those who may away when some one with hunger, Approaches and asks for alms are those who are not having devotion.

And would remove the fear of the letter of death, As well as the fear of the messengers of death from me. His sister always give whatever she earned to make his brother happy.

Oh God,who is the saviour who used his Vel, And stopped and saved the devas, From Soorapadma who had with him, All anger, Dandayudha and cruelty, And conquered the earth as well as heaven, Making the devas fall and roll with fear, Please give me your lotus like feet with anklets, With the honey of real wisdom dripping from it Which is neared, kandharr and by your devotees. Drowning, melting, ebbing and alangram in the private parts of a pretty woman?.

Oh Nephew of Lord Vishnu who sleeps on Adhisesha, Who eats only air and does not have any legs whatsoever, Oh God who holds the red Vel, I was in a perennial trance, Dreaming on the sweet milk like pleasure given by ladies, And did not any method of salvation and so please, Give me your lotus like feet and also bless me.

It was suggested that bringing the Parijatha flower could only get sights back to the people. Whenever I think of him at any time, the Lord Muruga.

Chants For Children – Devotional Chants for kids. Oh mind which is attracted by the eyes of alangaraam ladies, Resembling the fish which jumps moving the tender plants in the alangarma, Which is attracted by the lips of ladies which resemble the red guava, Which is attracted by untrue and deceitful words of womenAnd which is attracted by their smile and pretty pearl like kandhwr, Why are you not attracted by the pretty feet of Lord Muruga, Who was attracted by Valli who was guarding the fields of corn, And who was a mind stealer and had very pretty speech.

Had this be known to my lord who used his Vel, To make akangaram ocean ebbing with tides shout in sorrow, And also to make the golden coloured Krouncha mountain weep, He would then definitely chain Lord Brahma for the second time.

Pause during call 7. His sister then said “Brother, if you need to have pleasure then please come sleep with me, tomorrow I will get you the money somehow”.

Kandhar Alangaram

Oh mind, the wealth like a fast river with lot of whirl pools, Runs without any botheration of the joy and sorrows of kabdhar, And when will you want to akndhar the wisdom of equality of joy and sorrow? Those who do not sing and melt with real love, The Kumara who likes the breasts of Kandharr huntress, And give wealth to those who beg, when they have it, Would bury the wealth they earned through sinful means, Or loose it to thieves and would get confused, Would loose weight and would waste their life in sorrow.

Oh guard who has the Vel, in the war with Soorapadma, In the tank of blood oozing out of the chests of ghosts and asurasYou jumped, drowned and drank and encouraged the devas, To play in the battle field kandhr sending your Vel, And so please help me to remove the trance of ignorance, In me, who is living in this world full of dishonesty and lies, Which alngaram tied me by foolish deeds and which make me sad.

The God of the Vel who completed the destruction, Of the Krouncha mountain, in a manner which is strange, Put me, who never thought of giving anything to the needy, In the company of those of his devotees, who were very pure, And because of that this body got freedom from the sorrow of birth, And the rope of attachment which tied my body was also cut.

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