I found many carefully worded explanations as to why a method or product should be the . He calls the combination of the two exercises the “Maliniak Method”. The Maliniak Method: Read this Book and find out How to: Stop Hair Loss & Grow New Hair Naturally. No Drugs. No Lotions. No Surgery. A Book From Born. Those of you who have been following the MALINIAK METHOD on the world’s biggest forums on HAIR LOSS and MPB or who have reading these blogs know.

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For more information click here. Proudly powered by WordPress. He admits there are many questions that remain about the actual process.

Maliniak Method

Interestingly, I haven’t read any mrthod of explanation from the “rigourous ones” to the relevant questions that Galea theory or Skull Expension people ask. Feel the back of the head where this pattern emerges. Firstly, I am not sure if I understand your question correctly, but it seems to be similar to many questions I get about what happens with transplants and how this fits into emthod theory.

If that were true, transplants would not be as popular as they are. The first step is to relax the galea. Okay, lets assume that a major contributor to male pattern baldness is in fact a tight Galea.

Of course, all of these meyhod have pretty much been discussed before, and he acknowledges that in his book, but he says that first relaxing the galea THEN stimulating the follicles with the violet ray machine, is much more efficient than trying any of the techniques on their own. It details a study from that showed that balding has nothing to do with the galea.


COM and then write us here on maliniaak blog post if you want to know more. A really obvious observation that could back up this theory: Fortunately the proponents of this logic are growing and so are the numbers of those who get their hair back.

Why does remnant maliniao sometimes exist last long after baldness has developed? Now, if you have any type of cloth and put it over something round like a ball the flattest parts will be on top and the more you stretch at the edges of the fabric you will see the top get flattened even more on the object.

Maliniak Method Office video

I know there has been a correlation between tight scalp and male pattern baldness i don’t have studiesand its pretty obvious if you are even a little observant. The last step being more of a suggestion than a sole contributor. We all know that our bodies need some exercise.

As a lawyer, I am used to this type of anticipated confrontation, I have faced it in other areas where I appear at televised symposiums and comment on blog sites dealing with the issue of potentially valuable alternative medical sciences. I’m sure genetics plays a part in it. In retrospect, I strongly believe that over the long term, these treatments can serve much merit to combat hair loss.

Sep 27, Messages: If I may add a food for thought to expedite the hair growth process based on my concrete experience.


Tell me what to do and I will do it. Follicles start to shrink with the onset of hair loss and maintain a kind of dormant state for many years before they die. Why is it that hair can fall faster in one region of the scalp than in another? What if this exaggeration of malinia skull bone which incidentally takes place directly underneath the Galea is the main cause of male pattern baldness, and the tight Galea is the indirect cause?


Maliniak Method | HairLossTalk Forums

All the metod things I have been asked and examined till now have only served to further reinforce the validity of this new theory. It would be cool to know what you think of his ebook once you read it. Now according to SE theory, that thinning started because the underlying bone began to remodel and subsequently grow a little larger based on the skull shape in malinisk region.

Unfortunately there is no guaranteed cure for male and female pattern baldness and that includes my suggested method. For me it ties up the questions since the SE theory explains exactly why some go bald in a certain way, and to what extent.

My results are pretty fascinating with the exception of a stagnant small penny-size bald spot near my left frontal region. So, if this correctly represents your question, my first response is that your statement that these transplants do NOT do well “regardless” of whether or not there is edema, poor blood etc. I have a contact who is uses the Skull E methods. This does not mean it must be ignored.

You can do all this at home with or without fitness equipment.

Has anyone tried this out? A lot of the time when one starts to loose hair in the back, before the round “bald spot” forms, the thinning will start in 2 patches, which gradually progresses into 1 round bald spot. His approach is threefold.

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