13 lapkr. Šiam nepavykus, Hitleris buvo suimtas, tardytas kaip išdavikas ir m. parašė garsiąją knygų „Mein Kampf“ (Mano kova), kurioje išdėstė partijos. hitleris mano kova pdf download in a time lapse ludovico einaudi pdf download download do livro escolhida ao anoitecer em pdf viewer. Adolfas Hitleris – Mano Kova. AUTHOR’S PREFACE. On April 1st, , I began to serve my sentence of detention in the Fortress of Landsberg am Lech.

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That he should write harshly of the French was only hitlrris in the circumstances. My mother looked after the household and lovingly devoted herself to the care of her children.

Do we not all belong together? But as generally used in German this outlook on the world means a whole system of ideas associated together in an organic unity — ideas of human life, human values, cultural and religious ideas, politics, economics, etc. The first volume of Mein Kampf was written while the author was imprisoned in a Bavarian fortress.

One of these publications was a popular history of the Franco-German War of My obvious talent for drawing confirmed him in that view; for in his opinion drawing was a subject too much neglected in the Austrian Gymnasium. In my freetime I practised singing in the choir of the monastery church at Lambach, and thus it happened that I was placed in a very favourable position to be emotionally impressed again and again by the magnificent splendour of ecclesiastical ceremonial.

Even if the union were a matter of economic indifference, and even if it were to be disadvantageous from the economic standpoint, still it ought to take place.

Adolfas Hitleris by Danas Budrys on Prezi

Sixteen of the marchers were instantly killed, and two died of their wounds in the local barracks of the Reichswehr. National Socialism claims definitely to be a Weltanschhauung.

But this story of the Franco-German War had a special significance kiva me on other grounds also. There is more to be learned from this than from any purely doctrinaire treatise.

From that period I have not retained very much in my memory; because after a few years my father had to leave that frontier town which I had come to love so much and take up a new post farther down the Inn valley, at Passau, therefore actually in Germany itself.


As they reached one of the central squares of the city the army opened fire on them. Considering my character as a whole, and especially my temperament, my father decided that the classical subjects studied at the Lyceum were not suited to my natural talents. Hitler was naturally incensed against the Bavarian government authorities, against the footling patriotic societies who were pawns in the French game, though often unconsciously so, and of course against the French.

The effect of putting such a plan into action would have meant the complete dismemberment of Germany; and that is what French diplomacy aimed at. The difficulties through which he had to struggle in making his own career led him to overestimate what he had achieved, because this was exclusively the result of his own indefatigable industry and energy.

Of course such an aim no longer exists.

Pralaimėta Adolfo Hitlerio kova

Hiyleris balance this state of affairs they try to convert the Hottentots and the Zulus and the Kaffirs and to bestow on them the blessings of the Church. In the beginning of the French invaded Germany, occupied the Ruhr district and seized several German towns in the Rhineland. After the fall of Napoleon a movement set in for the reunion of the German states in one Empire. He became a civil servant. If we bear all this in mind we can account for the emotional stress under which Mein Kampf was written.

For instance, Hitler speaks indiscriminately of the German Reich. People of the same blood should be in the same Reich. How did he get there and why? Hitler also speaks of the Austrian Reich and the East Mark, without always explicitly distinguishing between the Habsburg Empire and Hitlersi proper.

This was a flagrant breach of international law and was protested against by every section of British political opinion at that time.

He had gained his end. This refers especially to the statements in Mein Kampf regarding France and those German kinsfolk that have not yet been incorporated in the Reich.

On the outskirts of the small market town of Lambach in Upper Austria he bought a farm and tilled it himself. It was inhabited principally by Germano-Celtic tribes called Bajuvari and stood for centuries as the firm bulwark of Western Christendom against invasion from the East, especially against the Turks.

It is a primary word also that suggests what might be called the basic national stock. Then they look on with amazement when they realize how small is the influence of the Christian Faith in their own country and how depraved and ungodly is this riff-raff which is physically degenerate and therefore morally degenerate also. Perhaps our word, Realm, would be the best translation, though the word Empire can be used when the Reich was actually an Empire.


There are a few points more that I wish to mention in this introductory note. Probably also the memory of the hard road which he himself had travelled contributed to make him look upon classical studies as unpractical and accordingly to set little value on them. Are we not the same as the other Germans?

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Geographically it was almost identical with Mmano Austria. If the reader will bear the following historical outline in mind, he will understand the references as they occur.

The former, like the latter, was denounced to the French by a Government agent. Why did not Austria also take part in it? The Bavarian patriotic societies were gathered there, and the Prime Minister, Dr. Several others were wounded also.

By when the boy of thirteen was a lad of seventeen and had passed his apprenticeship examination as a craftsman he was not content. This has also given me the opportunity of describing my own development in so far as such a description is necessary to the understanding of the first as well as the second volume and to destroy the legendary fabrications which the Jewish Press have circulated about me.

In France itself the franc fell to fifty per cent of its previous value.

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Was there any shady undertaking, any form of foulness, especially in cultural life, in which at least one Jew did not participate? But in the village there was nobody who had remembered him as a little boy, and the village itself had become strange to him.

Is there a difference — and if there be, what is it — between the Mani who fought that war and the other Germans?

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